What does EQUUS mean?

noun Eq·uus \ˈek-wəs\
From the latin word "equus" meaning "horse"
:  a genus of the family Equidae that comprises the horses, zebras, donkeys, and onagers


EQUUS is committed to creating premium candles and naturally scented products for equestrians and horse lovers. Our materials are ethically sourced and all products are made in the USA. We never test on animals and our products are 100% vegan. We are proud supporters of the Red Bucket Equine Rescue, donating partial profits from all our products sold. EQUUS is based out of California and was created by an animal-loving equestrian show jumper. We hope you enjoy our first line of candles - inspired by Victorian horse art and classic horse scents (Hay & Molasses, Oat & Honey, Sugar & Carrot, Grass & Apple). For information on where to purchase or wholesale opportunities, please email us at: info@equuscandles.com